Boiler Safety Must-Know

  • Brief Codes for Boiler Room Safety in TaiwanOpen or Close

    1. At least two separate exits shall be provided from each boiler room, except that there's no interference from boiler operators having quick retreat.

    2. A minimum unobstructed clearance from the top of the boiler to the ceiling, beam, piping, or other objects shall be 1.2 meters, except that there's no interference from the inspection, adjustment, and operation of the valves and other equipment.

    3. The vertical boiler or the exterior boiler without any coverings shall have a minimum unobstructed clearance of 45cm from all service sides of the boiler to the wall, piping, or another boiler; moreover, the boiler's combustion chamber with an internal diameter of 500mm maximum, and with 1000mm maximum in length, shall have a minimum unobstructed clearance of 30cm.

    4. If the boiler and its metal chimneys or flue pipes are not covered with non-metallic and non-combustible materials with a minimum thickness of 10cm, none of any combustible materials shall be placed within 15cm of the exterior boiler, except for the case that the combustible materials are covered with non-metallic and non-combustible materials.

    5. Fuel storage in boiler rooms or boiler installation site, the solid fuels shall be at least 1.2m away from the exterior boiler, and the liquid fuels or fuel gases must be at least 2m away from the exterior boiler. However, by the installation of proper fire barriers or other fire-resistive barriers, the range of clearance between the boiler and the fuels or fuel containers are able to be lower.

  • Prevention of Gas Boiler ExplosionOpen or Close

    1. Develop a periodic maintenance schedule.

    2. Rate all piping and components for safety design.

    3. Design boiler installation room with good ventilation.

    4. Install gas leakage protection & shutdown System

    5. Provide boiler operators professional on-the-job training.

    6. Establish a safety testing program to reduce the risk of machine failures.

    7. Conduct air-fuel ratio inspection.

    8. Carry out boiler water quality monitoring.

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