Codes for LPG Facilities Safety

1. LPG cylindrical storage tanks (horizontal type) shall be constructed in accordance with the CNS12654, and CNS certification shall be provided.

2. All piping for LPG use shall be installed in accordance with the CNS12856.

3. Decompressors and evaporators for LPG use shall meet the requirements of the CNS12653 or the minimum equivalent of CNS12653.

4. Warning signs shall be displayed visibly around storage tanks.

5. Fire safety equipments for LPG plant use shall be placed in accordance with the CNS12854, including fire extinguishers.

6. If there's any gas leaking possibility in buildings or rooms, gas leakage alarm devices shall be installed in accordance with the CNS12479.

7. Fire safety equipments shall be inspected at least once every day. Take prevention measures immediately to avoid danger if any malfunction is found.

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