Codes for Flammable Compressed Gas Cylinder Storage

1. Place warning signs and explosion proof emergency lighting systems.

2. Install automatic fire alarm equipments for gas leakage.

3. Install effective ventilation devices to avoid gas retention.

4. For the single-storey buildings constructed in nonflammable materials, the roof shall be covered with light metal sheets or other light nonflammble materials, and the eave shall be at least 2.5 m high from the ground.

5. Keep temperature below 40° C and away from direct sunlight.

6. Gas cylinders that contain fuel gases whether full or empty must be stored separately, vertical, and keep objects away that could fall on them. Gas cylinders shall be secured to prevent any accidental falling or damages.

7.The access area shall be at least 20% of the storage area.

8. No open flames within 2m of gas cylinder storage area, and without any flammable materials, except that the wall is constructed in reinforced concrete or the minimum equivalent of RC, and the thickness is at least 9cm.

9. The lightning protection equipment shall meet CNS12872, or ground wire or other ways are used to get protection, except for the safe surrounding or environment without any possibility of danger.

10. Every person with easily ignited materials, devices, equipments must not allow access to the storage area.

11. A dedicated controller shall be assigned.

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