Diesel Steam Boiler ZH - 100K

  • Diesel Steam Boiler ZH - 100K
Product Name:Diesel Steam Boiler
Product Number:ZH-100K
Product Category:Steam Boilers / Diesel Steam Boilers
Product Feature
  • Steam produced within 4-5 mins after ignition
  • Stable steam quality
  • Efficient Heat Transfer
  • Licence-free & inspection-free
  • Efficiency 96%
  • Silent operation
  • Safety device control
  • High technology, high quality
Product Specification
Performance Equivalent Output kg/h 100
Heat Output kcal/h 53900
Heating Surface Area 2.8
Max.Pressure Kgf/cm² 10
Water Content L 33
Boiler Efficiency % 88
Water Preheater \ N
Combustion Type \ ON-OFF
Fuel Consumption L/h 7.3
Electrical Power Capacity kw 1
Power Of Auxiliary Equipment Water Pump Motor kw 0.4
Exhausting Fan Motor 0.4
Injection Pump Motor /
Control Panel 0.2
Product Weight kg 360
Pipe Diameters Fuel Inlet Dia mm 8
Feed Water Inlet Dia 15
Steam Outlet Dia 20
Boiler-Water Drain Dia 25
Safety Valve Dia 20
Auto Blowdown Dia /
Chimney Dia ømm 150
Power Wire Inlet Dia mm² 2.0
Size Boiler Dimensions Length mm 1059
Width 648
Height 1570


Tourism Industry, Orchids, Aquaculture Fisheries、Agriculture、Health Care Industry、Hotel Industry、Catering Industry、Plastics Industry、Rubber Industry、Food Processing Industry、The Petrochemical Industry、The Biotechnology Industry、The Slaughter Industry、Bag Industry Technology Industry、Technology Industry、Textile Industry、Electroplating Industry、Steel Industry、Chemical Industry、Construction Equipment Industry、Indoor Conservatories、Paints And Automotive Industry、Corrugated Paper、Electronics

  • ZH-×××× K indicates diesel boiler.
  • Standard power is 3 Phase / 220V / 60HZ. Notice of change is required.
  • Fuel consumption is calculated at low heat value: Diesel 8400 kcal / L.
  • Partial modification for improvement is allowed without notice.
  • Boiler efficiency tolerance value ±1%.
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