DW-1000S- Dual Fuel Hot Water Boilers

  • DW-1000S- Dual Fuel Hot Water Boilers
Product Name:Dual Fuel Hot Water Boilers
Product Number:DW-1000S
Product Category:Hot Water Boilers / Dual Fuel Hot Water Boilers
Product Feature
  • Automatic microprocessor-based controlled, easy to use, no dedicated operator required, corresponding to 24hrs smart timer
  • Unique boiler body design, high efficiency, well insulation, fuel saving
  • Fully galvanized boiler body, rust-proof, no rusty water
  • Equipped with anode rod, which releases electrons that help to reduce the pipeline corrosion
  • Easy to maintain, integrated after-sales service ensures the boiler's performance and safety
  • Forced draft fan, full combustion, no smoke, no environmental hazard
  • High flow rate of hot water, stable pressure & water temperature, hot water available for all time
  • Various options are available

Tourism Industry、Orchids、Aquaculture Fisheries、Agriculture、Health Care Industry、Hotel Industry、Catering Industry、Plastics Industry、Rubber Industry、Food Processing Industry、The Petrochemical Industry、The Biotechnology Industry、The Slaughter Industry、Bag Industry Technology Industry、Technology Industry、Textile Industry、Electroplating Industry、Steel Industry、Indoor Conservatories、Electronics

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