Gas steam boiler
Steam Boiler / Gas Steam Boiler

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Product Specification
Model  GS-250
Equivalent Outputkg/h 250
Heat Outputkcal/h 134700
Heating Surface Aream2 3.8
Max. Pressurekgf/cm2 10
Water ContentL 36
Boiler Efficiency% 88
Combustion Type ON-OFF
Fuel Consumption 13ANm3/h 15.4
LPG  Propanekg/h 13.4
Butane 14.0
Electrical Power Capacitykw 1.35
Power Of Auxiliary EquipmentWater Pump Motorkw   0.75
Exhausting Fan Motor 0.4
 Control Panel 0.2

Product Weight

kg 485
Pipe Diameters Gas Inlet Dia13A mm  25
LPG 15
Feed Water Inlet Dia 20
Steam Outlet Dia 25
Boiler-Water Drain Dia 25
Safety Valve Outlet Dia 20
Chimney Diaψmm 150
Power Wire Inlet Diamm2 2.0
SizeBoiler DimensionsLengthmm 789
Width 588
Height 2033
1. GS- XXX indicates indicates high performance gas steam boiler.
2. Standard power supply is 1Phase/220V/60HZ. Notice of change is required.



Fuel consumption is calculated at low heat value:13A=9900 kcal/Nm3, LPG PROPANE=11460 kcal/kg;LPG BUTANE=10900 kcal/kg.

Gas supply pressure 13A:200mmAq;LPG:280mmAq.

Low pressure supply should be stable, pressure dropping can't be too much, and the gas flow should be enough.

5. Products may be changed for improvement without notice.
6. Boiler efficiency allowable error value is ±1%.


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