Cleaning Agent for Recycle Water

  • Cleaning Agent for Recycle Water
Product Name:Cleaning Agent for Recycle Water
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Product Category:Boiler Chemicals / General Chemicals
Product Description

Because of the scaling and corrosion, they will reduce boiler efficiency, like damage the boiler, increase maintenance frequency and even break the tubes.

Condensate corrosion inhibitor for pure water is a high-performance agent specific to condensate recycle water pipe system. It can effectively solve the above problems.

Product Feature
  1. Contents high concentration of poly phosphate, it can change calcium and magnesium in the water to calcium phosphate and magnesium phosphate to prevent hard scale attach on the boiler heating surface.
  2. Contents polymer dispersant, which can effectively dissolute insoluble calcium magnesium compound and copper iron oxide to prevent scale deposited on boiler. It can also gradually remove the deposited scale in the boiler.
  3. Contents sulfite oxygen scavenger, it can rapidly remove the oxygen in the water and forming a protective magnetic iron oxide film to prevent boiler from corrosion, pitting and grooving.
  4. Safe and non-toxic, it is suitable for boiler in food products factory, pharmaceutical factory, catering industry, leisure industry and boiler in all general factories.



  1. Add the agent either pure or diluent into the process system by using a dosing system or manually.
  2. Phosphate (PO4) and sulfite (S03) contents in the boiler water must stay above 20ppm.
  3. Once the soft water has hardness, agent amount have to be increase and reduce the effect. Therefore, soft water must be test by hardness indicator everyday, in order to maintain a quality soft water.



  1. Please store the agent properly at a dry and sunless place.
  2. This product is food grade; however, please avoid spray on skin while using.


Product Specification

20kg gray tank

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