Heavy Oil Steam Boiler - ZH-600H

Heavy Oil Steam Boiler
Steam Boiler / Heavy Oil Steam Boiler

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Product Specification
Model ZH-600H ZH-600HE


Equivalent Output kg/h 600
Heat Output kcal/h 323000
Heating Surface Area 8.6
Max.Pressure kgf/cm² 10
Water Content L 137
Boiler Efficiency % 85 92
Water Preheater \ N Y
Combustion Type \ ON-OFF
Fuel Consumption l/h B42.6 B39.4
C41.0 C37.9
Electrical Power Capacity kw 7.6
Power Of Auxiliary Equipment Water Pump Motor kw 1.5
Exhausting Fan Motor 1.5
Injection Pump Motor 0.4
Control Panel 0.2
Electric-Heater 4.0
Product Weight Kg 1060 1210

Pipe Diameters

Fuel Inlet Dia mm 15
Feed Water Inlet Dia 25
Steam Outlet Dia 32
Boiler-Water Drain Dia 25
Safety Valve Dia 25
Auto Blowdown Dia \
Chimney Dia ømm 250
Power Wire Inlet Dia mm² 8
Size Boiler Dimensions Length mm 1532 1697
Width 1098 1098
Height 2215 2215
1. ZH- x x xH indicates heavy oil boiler.
2. Standard power is 3Phase/220V/60HZ. Notice of change, if any is required.
3. Fuel consumption is calculated at low heat value:B heavy oil 8910 kcal / l ;C heavy oil 9260 kcal / l . 
4. Partial modification for improvement is allowed without notice.
5. The error allow value of boiler efficiency is ±1%.
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