Heavy Oil Thermal Oil Boiler - DF-30H

  • Heavy Oil Thermal Oil Boiler - DF-30H
Product Name:Heavy Oil Thermal Oil Boiler
Product Number:DF-30H
Product Category:Thermal Oil Boilers / Thermal Oil Boiler
Product Description
  1. We provide the dowtherm boiler with vertical and horizontal models, vertical type reduces space and horizontal type is easy to maintain. However, they are equally efficient in performance.
  2. Special flute design can reduce exhausting temperature, reach combustion and heat transfer of the highest efficiency, and no danger of local overheating.
  3. For the excellent design of the heating pipe and heat-absorbing disc, the circulating speed of Dowtherm oil is average, its pressure drop is very low, Dowtherm oil does not have local overheating, so as to lengthen its life.
Product Feature
  • Alarm of liquid level Insufficient.
  • Alarm of Circulation Pump Fail.
  • Dowtherm oil temperature limit.
  • Chimney temperature limit.
  • Pressure differential controller:make sure oil flowing.
  • Safety valve:system valve limit.
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