Dual Fuel Steam Boiler

What is Duel Fuel Steam Boiler?

It meant that the hot water is heated up by diesel, gas and heavy oil fuel, to generate of pressurized steam beyond the pressure of a large atmosphere to be supplied to other equipment and its associated superheated and economizer.

ZU HOW Dual Fuel Steam Boiler apply to tourism, agriculture, medical industry, chemical industry, food industry, science and technology industry...etc.

Dual Fuel Steam Boiler belongs to small type boiler, according to Article 14 of the Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training Regulations: Employers should accept small type boiler operators to receive special work safety and health education and training.

Dual Fuel Steam Boiler Product Feature:

  • With sufficient steam obtained after 4-5 minutes of lighting, immediate work is available. Provide stable steam quality and satisfied combustion efficiency 92%.
  • The diversity and unique safety control and protection functions, enhance the boiler safety and extent the durability.
  • Small in size, start fast, inspection-free, easy to installation, flexible operation in accordance with process requirements.
  • Different fuels collocated with different types of feed water preheater; makes your boiler runs more smoothly and provide higher boiler efficiency.
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