EB-240 - Electric Steam Boiler

  • Electric Steam Boiler - EB-240
Product Name:Electric Steam Boilers
Product Number:EB-240
Product Category:Steam Boilers / Electric Steam Boilers
Product Description
  • Use electricity to heat up, no hazardous exhaust, sanitary, healthy, and zero pollution.
  • No exhaust heat loss, maintain long-term high efficiency.
  • Sophisticated design, neat in appearance, and small in size.
  • Electric leakage detection design, which automatically detects electric leaking heater, display the position and stop operating without affecting other heaters' function. Safety is guaranteed.
  • Complete installed all safey devices, such as steam safety valve, steam pressure switch, steam pressure gauge, and prevention of idle combustion.
  • Electric heaters start in sequence, which maintain steady current instead of abrupt current.
  • Water insufficient detection: microprocessor automatically operates detection, it prevents idle boiler combustion and detection of broken and deterioration of the water pump.
  • Water level control abnormal detection: microcomputer automatically detects, which effectively prevents water level electrode rod disconnection, short circuit ,and breakdown caused by the water scale.
  • Easy to operate, microcomputer self checks and reports faulty position.
Product Feature
  • Environmentally Friendly - electric heating, no hazardous exhaust, sanitary and zero-pollution
  • High Efficiency - no exhaust heat loss, maintain non-stop high performance
  • Fully Equipped - steam safety valve, steam pressure switch, steam pressure gauge, idle combustion prevention and all sorts of safety devices are equipped fully.
  • Sophisticated Design - detailed design, minimalist, small
  • Simple - Easy to operate, microcomputer self-check and report faulty position
  • Stable - Electric heaters start in sequence and maintain a steady current, no abrupt current occurs.
  • Technology - Designed with electric leakage detection, which automatically detects the electric leakage in heaters, displays the position and stops the faulty heater without affecting other heaters to function. Safety is guaranteed.
    Water Insufficient Detection - microcomputer auto-detection, signals for malfunction to achieve effective prevention of the boiler from idle combustion caused by water insufficiency & wearing down water pump.
    Water Level Control Abnormal Detection - microcomputer auto-detection, effective prvention of the water level electrode from disconnection, short circuit, or malfunction caused by water scale.
Product Specification
Model EB-240
Performance Equivalent output kg/h 240
Heat output kcal/h 129000
Max. pressure kgf/cm2 10
Water content L 189
Electrical power capacity Electric-heater kw 150
Water pump 0.75
Control panel 0.4
Pipe diameters Feed water inlet dia mm 20A
Steam outlet dia 25A
Boiler-water drain dia 25A
Power wire inlet dia 220V mm2 325
Power wire inlet dia 380V 150
Size Length mm 940
Width 1200
Height 2230


Tourism Industry、Orchids、Aquaculture Fisheries、Agriculture、Health Care Industry、Hotel Industry、Catering Industry、Plastics Industry、Rubber Industry、Food Processing Industry、The Petrochemical Industry、The Biotechnology Industry、The Slaughter Industry、Bag Industry Technology Industry、Technology Industry、Textile Industry、Electroplating Industry、Steel Industry、Chemical Industry、Construction Equipment Industry、Indoor Conservatories、Paints And Automotive Industry、Corrugated Paper、Electronics

  • EB - *** Indicates electric steam boiler.
  • Standard power supply is 3Phase/220V/60HZ. Notice of change is required.
  • Metallic conduit is used for wiring. Wire isolation allowable temperature is 60℃ and the ambient temperature is below 35℃.
  • Products may change for improvement without notice.
  • Electric steam boiler belongs to hazardous machine. After manufacturing and installing, final inspection and regular inspection every year is required.
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