EB-40 - Electric Steam Boiler

Electric Steam Boiler
Steam Boiler / Electric Steam Boiler

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Product Description
  • Use electricity to heat up, no hazardous exhaust, sanitary, healthy, and zero pollution.
  • No exhaust heat loss, maintain long-term high efficiency.
  • Sophisticated design, neat in appearance, and small in size.
  • Electric leakage detection design, which automatically detects electric leaking heater, display the position and stop operating without affecting other heaters' function. Safety is guaranteed.
  • Complete installed all safey devices, such as steam safety valve, steam pressure switch, steam pressure gauge, and prevention of idle combustion.
  • Electric heaters start in sequence, which maintain steady current instead of abrupt current.
  • Water insufficient detection: microprocessor automatically operates detection, it prevents idle boiler combustion and detection of broken and deterioration of the water pump.
  • Water level control abnormal detection: microcomputer automatically detects, which effectively prevents water level electrode rod disconnection, short circuit ,and breakdown caused by the water scale.
  • Easy to operate, microcomputer self checks and reports faulty position.
Product Feature
Model EB-40
Performance Equivalent output kg/h 40
Heat output kcal/h 21500
Max. pressure kgf/cm2 10
Water content L 48
Electrical power capacity Electric-heater kw 25
Water pump 0.75
Control panel 0.2
Pipe diameters Feed water inlet dia mm 15A
Steam outlet dia 15A
Boiler-water drain dia 25A
Power wire inlet dia 220V mm2 22
Power wire inlet dia 380V 14
Size Length mm 876
Width 721
Height 1666


1. EB - *** Indicates electric steam boiler.
2. Standard power supply is 3Phase/220V/60HZ. Notice of change is required.
3. Metallic conduit is used for wiring. Wire isolation allowable temperature is 60℃ and the ambient temperature is below 35℃.
4. Products may change for improvement without notice.
5. Electric steam boiler belongs to hazardous machine. After manufacturing and installing, final inspection and regular inspection every year is required.

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