KW-260S - Up Burn Type Hot Water Boilers

  • KW-260S - Up Burn Type Hot Water Boilers
Product Name:Up Burn Type Hot Water Boilers
Product Number:KW-260S
Product Category:Hot Water Boilers / Up Burn Type Hot Water Boilers
Product Feature
  • Automatic microprocessor-based controlled, easy to use, no dedicated operator required, corresponding to 24hrs smart timer
  • Unique boiler body design, high efficiency, well insulation, fuel saving
  • Fully galvanized boiler body, rust-proof, no rusty water
  • Equipped with anode rod, which releases electrons that help to reduce the pipeline corrosion
  • Easy to maintain, integrated after-sales service ensures the boiler's performance and safety
  • Forced draft fan, full combustion, no smoke, no environmental hazard
  • High flow rate of hot water, stable pressure & water temperature, hot water available for all time
  • Various options are available
Product Specification
BoilerModel KW- 260S
Heat Output kcal/h 260000
Water Flow Rate (50℃ Vertical Lift) l/h 5200
Boiler Efficiency % 90
BOILER BODY Type / Water Tube Type
Water Content L 220
Heat Surface Area m2 7.8
Max.Pressure kgf/cm2 10
Boiler Type / Small Type Boiler
BURNER Combustion Type / ON-OFF
Model / Separate Type(Force Draft Fan)
Fuel Consumption Diesel ℓ/h 34.4
Heavy Oil 31.2
NG 13A Nm3/h 29.2
LPG PROPANE kg/h 25.2
Ignite Type / High Electric Spark
Power Of Equipments H KW 5.55
K 1.55
G 1.15
CONTROL Conbustion Control / Full Automatic Ignition, Combustion ( Misfiring Will Automatic Running Stop)
Temperature Control / Electronic Digital Display Temperature Controller (Upper Limit/ Lower Limit Selectable)
Safety Devices / Misfiring, Excess Fuel temperature, Pressure Switch And Safety Combustion Protection, Pump Is Abnormal.
PIPE DIAMETERS Feed Water Pipe mm 65
Feedback Water Pipe 65
Blowdown Pipe 25
Chimney Diameter ø mm 250
Fuel Inlet Diesel mm 15
Heavy Oil 15
13A 40
LPG 25
SIZE Boiler Dimensions Length 1475
Width 953
Height 2200


Tourism Industry、Orchids、Aquaculture Fisheries、Agriculture、Health Care Industry、Hotel Industry、Catering Industry、Indoor Conservatories

  • Standard power is 3HP / 220V / 60HZ. Notice of change, if any, is required.
  • Fuel type HW = Heavy oil , KW = Diesel ㆍGW = Gas.
  • Fuel consumption is calculated at low heat value : 13A=9900 kcal/ Nm, LPG PROPANE = 11460 kcal/kg, LPG BUTANE = 10900 kcal/kg, Heavy oil = 9260 kcal/I, Diesel = 8400 kcal/l.
  • Gas supply pressure 13A : 200 mmAq, LPG : 280 mmAq. (Under heat output 400000 kcal/h).
  • Heat output 600000 ~2000000 kcal/h supply pressure 0.8 ~ 3.5 kgf/cm2. Installation of pressure reducing device , gas entrance to the boiler to reduce 400~700 mmAq (600000~ 1000000 kcal/h)ㆍ700~1400 mmAq (1250000 ~2000000 kcal/h).
  • Partial modification for improvement is allowed without notice.
  • HW-180S Heating surface is 5.4m', Chimney diameter o200, KW-180S, GW-180S Heating surface is 5.1m', Chimney diameter o150.
  • Boiler efficiency tolerance value +1%. Boiler dimension tolerance value +1%.
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