GW-180 - Down Burn Type Hot Water Boilers

  • GW-180 - Down Burn Type Hot Water Boilers
Product Name:Down Burn Type Hot Water Boiler - Gas
Product Number:GW-180
Product Category:Hot Water Boilers / Down Burn Type Hot Water Boilers
Product Feature
  • Automatic microprocessor-based controlled, easy to use, no dedicated operator required, corresponding to 24hrs smart timer
  • Unique boiler body design, high efficiency, well insulation, fuel saving
  • Fully galvanized boiler body, rust-proof, no rusty water
  • Equipped with anode rod, which releases electrons that help to reduce the pipeline corrosion
  • Easy to maintain, integrated after-sales service ensures the boiler's performance and safety
  • Forced draft fan, full combustion, no smoke, no environmental hazard
  • High flow rate of hot water, stable pressure & water temperature, hot water available for all time
  • Various options are available
Product Specification
Type GW-180
Heat output kcal/h 180000
Water flow rate(50℃vertical lift) l/h 3600
Boiler body Type - Vertical chimney
Water content L 400
Heat surface area m2 6.3
Turbulent plate - SUS304 Cross type
Max working pressure kg/cm2 5
Proformance - 92%
Burner Combustion method - Automatic Burner (Force draft fan)
Type - G40
Fuel consumption 13A Nm3/h 19.8
LPG kg/h 17.1
Power source - 1ø220V
Ignition system - High electric spark
Motor output kw 0.4
Control Conbustion control - Automatic control
Temperature control - Water temperature control
Safety devices - Flame detection, temperature controller, pressure switch and safety combustion protection
Connection Feed water pipe mm 65
Feedback water pipe mm 65
Cold water pipe mm 65
Blowdown pipe mm 65
Gas inlet 13A mm 25
LPG mm 20
Chimney diameter (outside) mm 200
Net weight kg 568
Running weight kg 968


Tourism Industry、Orchids、Aquaculture Fisheries、Agriculture、Health Care Industry、Hotel Industry、Catering Industry、Indoor Conservatories

  • Fuel consumption is calculated at low heat value : 13A=9900 Kcal/ Nm3, LPG PROPANE =11460 Kcal/kg,
  • Gas supply pressure:13A : 200mmAq,LPG:280mmAq.
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