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Down Burn Type Hot water Boiler - Diesel
Hot Water Boiler / Down Burn Type Hot Water Boiler

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Product Specification
Type KW-140
Heat outputkcaℓ/h 140000
Water flow rate(50℃vertical lift)ℓ/h 2800
Boiler bodyType-- Vertical chimney
Water content 332
Heat surface aream2 4.5
Turbulent plate-- SUS304 Cross type
Max working pressurekg/cm2 5
Proformance% 92%
BurnerCombustion method-- Automatic Burner (Force draft fan)
Type-- Z3
Fuel consumptionℓ/h 18.1
Power source-- 1ψ220V
Ignition system-- High electric spark
Motor outputKW 0.4
ControlConbustion control-- Automatic control
Temperature control-- Water temperature control
Safety devices-- Flame detection, temperature controller, pressure switch and safety combustion protection
ConnectionFeed water pipemm 50
Feedback water pipemm 50
Cold water pipemm 50
Blowdown pipemm 50
 Fuel pipemm 15
Chimney diameter (outside)mm 200
Net weightkg 415
Running weightkg 747
1. Standard power is 1Phase/220V. Notice of change, if any, is required.
2. Fuel type:KW-Diesel.
3. Fuel consumption is calculated at low heat value : Diesel=8400 kcal/l.
4. Products may be changed for improvement without notice.
5. Boiler efficiency tolerance value±1%. Boiler dimension tolerance value±1%.
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